At Baines’ Endowed Church of England Primary School, we are highly committed to the arts.  We offer a curriculum that provides children with a wide range of creative and artistic opportunities. We believe in providing opportunities for creativity, self-expression and self-fulfillment. Through experiencing the arts, children are able to develop their self esteem and confidence, along with creativity and imagination.

We believe everyone is capable of participating successfully in the Arts and we value creative talents.

Within school we provide a wide range of creative and artistic opportunities, including; creative writing, art and design, drama, music, dance and use of multimedia. Children in our school are provided with at least one hour per week dedicated to the arts in both key stages, and additional time is provided through cross-curricular work. There are also numerous opportunities to become involved in the arts outside of the classroom across the key stages. Each year, our pupils take part in many local events, including Choir of the Year, Schools Alive and many sporting events.  Our school choir meet weekly and children are invited to take up extra-curricular music lessons, in addition to the wider opportunities initiative (guitar) in Year 4. Each summer we stage an annual production, where the children are able to showcase their drama and singing skills.

The arts play a huge part in enriching our curricular and extra-curricular enjoyment, and also are embedded in our spiritual development daily.  All children sing daily in whole school/ in class worship and each class also takes turns to lead worship, through singing and drama on a termly basis. In addition, drama is incorporated into other subjects such as PSHE and Literacy.

As part of our dedication to the arts we also hold themed weeks, in which the children participate in a range of arts activities throughout the week. During the themed weeks we invite a range of professionals, such as Artists, Dance specialists and Musicians into school, to allow children to experience a whole range of arts.