As our mission statement makes clear, each and every member of our school community is equally valued; this means that all our children are equally valued, regardless of gender, ability, home circumstances, race or culture. As a school we aim to provide all children with experiences in which they will come to feel that they are valued and come to value each other.

We select our books and resources carefully so that children come into contact with positive images of both genders; different cultures, religions and races; different home circumstances and family situations; and people with specific abilities and disabilities. This allows each child, whatever their background, to see themselves and their families as valued; it also allows children to develop positive views of people in other circumstances to themselves.

We assess our children’s abilities and monitor their progress carefully in order that we can provide children of all abilities with high quality learning experiences carefully targeted to ensure they make maximum progress. Different children learn in different ways, from different types of experiences, so we ensure that their lessons incorporate a variety of learning experiences so that all children can make progress.

All our classes are taught by well trained teachers, supported by effective teaching assistants. We have additional teachers employed to take our classes at any time their own teacher is ill or on a training course. This means our classes are always taught by experienced teachers and teachers who know our school, our curriculum and our children. These teachers also are used to provide additional support to particular groups of children, including the more and the less able, to extend and enhance their learning. We employ additional Special Support Assistants who work with children with additional learning needs and a Learning Mentor to support children who have specific needs