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Visions & Values

Our mission statement is – ‘With God’s help we work, grow and succeed together’

Baines’ Endowed Primary School & Children’s Centre is a happy and caring environment where…

  • Everyone is encouraged to give of their best and reach their full potential.
  • Children are given opportunities to feel a pride in their efforts and have confidence in their own abilities.
  • Every person feels safe, respected and valued.
  • Curiosity is welcomed and an excitement and enthusiasm for life long learning is encouraged.
  • We offer excellence in teaching so children are helped to become independent and co-operative learners.
  • Children are shown that everyone is precious and of infinite worth to God.
  • All feel supported in their journey through life and encouraged to make a positive contribution to the world,
  • Friendships are valued; where we work in partnership with parents, with the Church, with the local community, with the wider world and with each other.

Cidari Multi Academy Trust Mission

“To provide high quality education for all children based on clearly established Christian values and principles.”

We work closely and collaboratively with our schools and other partners to ensure that we offer a strong caring ethos and a clear moral purpose. We encourage all our schools to see themselves as part of a family with a shared vision, identity and purpose whilst maintaining their individuality.

We are committed to achieving excellence in education and see it as the right of every child to achieve their full potential and to flourish academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.


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