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Do You Remember?

I still recall Friday afternoons in chilly classrooms in the 1950s, when our teacher would hand out Bluebird liquorice toffees while we read stories aloud. Sadly, I don’t remember her name but I pay tribute to her for giving me a love and literature and learning. I cherish my education at Baines Endowed Blackpool and being a pupil there was one of the happiest times of my life.

My parents (Alan and Florence Leyland of Ackershall Lane, then Lowesway) were always so supportive of my English, maths and music education and bought me a piano for my 10th birthday but sadly they died within 3 years of one another before I was 14 and I was taken into care.

Below is a photograph from around that time in Blackpool (I’m 5th from the left on the second row with a bow in my hair) and was wondering, whether any other boys and girls might still be around to share memories of Baines Endowed, too.    

Kind regards and all good wishes.


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