The musical tuition in class is further enhanced by the extra-curricular provision.

We offer children in Y3 and Y4 music tuition on wind and brass instruments, and those who want to continue with violin into Y5 and Y6 are offered tuition. Parents make a contribution towards the cost of the music tuition. We are fortunate that school has a number of instruments which the children can have on free loan for the years they have tuition. The tuition is available from Y3 upwards, and if children start lessons they are expected to continue throughout the school year.

In addition to music tuition and sports clubs we have extra-curricular clubs for orchestra, choir, drama, chess, art, computer, textiles, sign language, environmental issues, board games and Spanish.

The children go on a PGL adventure holiday at the start of their final year in school. Just over a year before they are due to go parents are given full information about the holiday.